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A team that continues to grow!
Discover the heart of our project which consists in bringing together

the largest number of people to carry out a project that brings

together all these trades of IT and hardware

Anything you need,we’ve got you covered

Web & Graphist

Join other graphic designers and web designers to form a great team! name: NGAT || Neckfire Graphist & Art Team

Web & App

help our other developers to create worthy websites and applications! NDT || Neckfire Dev Team


Some Fine
Words About Us

What is the neckfire team? it's a group of people from the IT field who join together to create a "project". This project will be defined by the management in due course ... This project can be linked to any profession as long as it can have "bridges", for the development of a logistics software, there is no no need for staff making a server for example...



Arpon OS is a new operating system which use the linux kernel. Developped by Neckfire, works with ash shell provided by busybox, it contains dpkg to install programs, but you need to download packages before because the network is not implemented yet. You can download it here

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work !

Preview The NFT Banner
Preview a Minecraft good view
Preview first NFT minecraft map
Preview A survival map with Fromache_
Preview Another view of the survival map
Preview Another Awesome Work

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08 January 2021

"I want to bring together as many partners as possible to build a very large team ... it's good to start a big project and to aim for the future ... it's very good. Please welcome: DjSkyval! look at his instagram !"


15 December 2020

"The Coterie Craft texture pack is developed by Coterie Craft Team, a one man man that helps run Coterie Craft Softworks, a small independent game studio located in California. As the sole proprietor of the company we make sure that skin packs and other content are being delivered to bedrock with ease. Since 2010, I have worked hard on making sure that the pack remains to be updated and continue to do so. My company’s current goals are to take its time writing code for Optifine textures using Java to use optifine to its full potential, up scaling and bringing Minecraft the textures its deserve, as well as having fun."

See our discord server !

22 December 2020 The NFT and the coterie-craft team are happy to present their Discord servers to you! Information, news, project, discussion, FAQ ... EVERYTHING YOU NEED! like the server and shared in 2 team, you have an option menu which allows you to have access or not to the part of the service which interests you! this helps to avoid the overdose of PING!


23 October 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome: French Musical Experiment! the new partner of the NFT! produces music on youtubes, I hope you will like it! in fact I hope not, I'm sure but ... put a Like! His channel


24 July 2020

The NFT is very happy to share this larger event with you ... The arrival of the first partner of the NFT! Welcome to FIREXDF, he plays live on lots of games that he shares on Youtube! go see, it's worth the blue thumb! His channel

Our ressource pack !

23 october 2020

We are making a ressource pack for Minecraft, it is based on the coterie-craft of the CptCorn Team, you can download it on mediafire.


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